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Be A Sponsor

We need your support to help plan and execute a year-long commemoration that includes everything from cultural activities to community-wide events. The City of Gainesville is leading the fundraising effort for Gainesville150! with a goal of raising an additional $150,000 to match the City’s contribution.

Donations are being sought from businesses, foundations and individuals with a vested interest in Gainesville’s vitality. Sponsorship opportunities are available to recognize donors who help make Gainesville150! truly memorable.

Listed are some suggested opportunities, but we can customize a sponsorship package just for you.

Be An Affiliate

The City of Gainesville invites local organizations, businesses and individuals to participate in the anniversary as Gainesville150! Affiliates. Affiliates are vital to engaging the community in commemorating this historic milestone. Through co-promotional efforts, affiliates have the opportunity to connect to Gainesville150! by hosting events and creating city-inspired items such as food, drinks, promotional packages, etc. Please contact Nicole Yucht for more information, nyucht@gmail.com or info150@cityofgainesville.org.


Gainesville150! Affiliate Criteria

Affiliates will:

    • Plan, fund and coordinate events, activities, promotions, etc. to commemorate the 150th anniversary. (Events are not required to be free or open to the public, but we do request that access and opportunity for the underserved be a consideration in pricing.)
    • Include the Gainesville150! logo and “Gainesville150.org” on event promotional materials (brochures, websites, social media, fliers, posters etc.). Include the #GNV150 hashtag on social media.
    • Register and list each event/promotion on the 352Arts.org calendar.
    • Co-host events on Facebook with the Gainesville150 Facebook page, @GNV150.
    • Distribute monthly communications to your list announcing various activities of Gainesville150! These communications will be provided by the project team.
    • Allow Gainesville150! project team members to participate in some way at affiliate events, e.g. tabling, distributing promotional materials, having the Story Cycle participate, etc.

The Gainesville150! project team will:

    • Give Gainesville150! logo files and other assets to Affiliate organizations.
    • Promote Affiliate events on Gainesville150.org and 352Arts.org calendar in addition to @GNV150 Facebook.
    • Include Affiliate events on other appropriate promotional materials (brochures, websites, social media, fliers, posters, etc.) related to the project.
    • Participate in some way at each event/promotion, when available and with proper notice, e.g. tabling, distributing promotional materials, having the Story Cycle present, etc.)
    • Allow Affiliate to table or provide collateral or giveaways at City-produced events on a case by case basis. Based on availability, space and the nature of the event.





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